What if my neighbours object?

Neighbourhood relations can be a tricky issue. Most neighbours we encounter are only too happy to see a nearby property being improved because they appreciate the knock-on effect it has on the value of house prices in the area as a whole. Regardless of your legal rights and permissions, we always advise that you talk to any neighbours you think are likely to feel affected by your new driveway or patio. Don’t forget you have to live adjacent to them when your installation is complete.

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First impressions last

Your driveway is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. It's worth taking it time to get it right. Click here for a free quote on a new driveway.

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Kerb appeal

When selling your property, most people have made some serious decisions by the time they reach your front door. Ask us how to raise your kerb appeal.


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Every detail counts

When planning a new driveway or patio we can factor in all the small things that we know will make it special. Ask us how we'd add detail to your drive.

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