Ensure you dig deep enough to secure proper footings for your driveway.


GOOD FOUNDATIONS: ensure your foundations are solid and about 260mm below the driveway surface with standard block pavers

On our experience, people rarely allow for enough height when digging out at the start of the job. We’ve seen this when we’ve been called in to help rectify DIY installations when we’ve seen it in driveways fitted by some other fitters.

Put simply, if you don’t dig enough out, you lay yourself open to several potential problems. You are likely to encounter a problem with drainage, you may end up with a nasty or difficult ramp causing difficulty getting onto the driveway with a car. Without the proper foundations you also risk sinkage or slippage. Ask us if you’re not sure.

Groundwork is the most important part of laying the driveway. All South West Driveways groundwork is carried out to British Standards (BS). This takes into account damp-proof courses.


ROCK SOLID: With good footings and a well-designed driveway slope, you won’t have a problem with flooding.

As a rule of thumb think of digging in terms of roughly 260mm below the surface of the drive that you want. It depends on the thickness of the block pavers you intend to install. Call us for advice on available sizes.

Bear in mind that the National House Building Council (NHBC), to whose standards South West Driveways conforms, insists on 150mm between finished driveway height and damp-proof course. Click for more info on driveways in Cornwall.

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